Cycling is one of the most effective exercises, but you can improve the effectiveness and comfort factor when you choose a comfortable seat for your own needs. These are some important tips that will help you to choose a comfortable spin bike seat.

Choose the best seat height

It is a simple way to improve convenience and safety when you ride your spin bike. You may figure the height out with the placement of your feet over the pedal, and begin to spin until one of your legs go down to the pedal stroke’s bottom level. It is essential that you bend the knee slightly when you spin around the pedal stroke.

Try a Gel Seat Cover

A Gel seat-cover can be used to get maximum amount of comfort, and can be used even when you wish to cycle outside your home. The use of such a seat cover will make you feel as if you are seating over a soft cloud. This type of cover is soft and even when you sit on it for long hours, you can experience a lot of comfort.

Apply chamois creams

When you apply creams like chamois or Vaseline over the spin bike seat that you choose, it can help you to reduce movement and friction between the sides again and again. Friction can lead to a damaged saddle, and can also harm your own body. People often begin to experience aches when they cycle, which can make them give up the activity altogether.

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