Hot SD-WAN, two important verification points

The first category is the SD-WAN described earlier. Let's talk about the second category. Take Aryaka as an example. Aryaka has built a global WAN by working with various SPs. Aryaka's WAN has 26 access points worldwide. It is said that for 95% of the world's enterprises, a delay point of less than 30 milliseconds can be found. Enterprise users need to access the Aryaka access point via the Internet, and the data runs on Aryaka's backbone. Aryaka is equivalent to virtualizing the WAN, on top of which virtual except for multiple private WANs for users to use. Aryaka's SD-WAN device is used to connect the user's network to its access point. In this way, deployment is simple, traditional MPLS deployments can take several months, and now it can be a few hours. The cost can also be greatly reduced. Aryaka's products are equivalent to MPLS, saving more than 50% of the cost. The following figure is a schematic diagram of Aryaka's networking.

Packetpusher cites the list of well-known SD-WAN companies: List of SD-WAN Vendors. Interested to have a look. Although there are many manufacturers, according to the data of the first quarter of 2017, Viptela occupies 21% of the SD-WAN market, and VeloCloud occupies 14% of the market.

SD-WAN related technology

We talked about the features of SD-WAN, introduced SD-WAN products, and finally looked at technologies similar to or related to SD-WAN. Further comparison with these technologies will illustrate SD-WAN.

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