Hot? New fabric could help you stay cool!

Because hotel bedding supplier energy is lower than that of visible light, heat is known as infrared radiation. When radiation (such as heat or light) reaches an object, it can bounce off or travel around it.

When designing their new fabric, Cui and his team started with a common plastic. It’s known as polyethylene.

The hotel bedding supplier came up with a way to test how well heat (that infrared radiation) will pass through the new fabric. When wearing a cotton shirt, a man’s skin temperature would climb about 3.5° Celsius higher than if he wore no shirt at all. But in a shirt made from the team’s new fabric, his skin would feel only 0.8 °C warmer than if he went shirtless.

That’s a big temperature difference. Someone who feels cool doesn’t need to set the thermostat for the air conditioning too low. And that would save money. For every 1 °C warmer the air-conditioning’s thermostat is set, residents will use about 10 percent less household energy, studies have shown.

Last year, hotel bedding supplier came up a different approach. This group, too, would use polyethylene. But it would start with bubble-free fibers of the plastic that were 1 micrometer across. Then, they would wind these fibers together to make strands of yarn about 30 micrometers across. Their fabric would be woven from this yarn.

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