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Original Title: Family Matters

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Western













































Walker gets a sinking feeling in his guts when, after arresting two guys for trying to rob a club and shooting the bartender, Alex sets them free and won't give them a reason as to why it all happened.
Here we have another exciting and dramatic episode in which we saw Walker and Trivette battle the justice system and Walker and Alex get into a couple of heated arguments.

"Spoilers" Showing begins where Walker befriends a troubled kid named Archie who was getting chased by some bullies and he walks off with Walker to pick some flowers. Meanwhile, a couple of thug mechanics desire to go on a crime spree in which we see them walk into a strip joint, rob and terrorize everyone and then shoot a bartender after he tried to intervene and save his stripper sister. Walker and Trivette bust in and arrest them but are quickly let go because one of the creeps, Mickey Flanders, has a sister on the witness protection program and he is on it as well which means he is free from prosecution and this is where Walker and Alex really butt heads because Walker being the good moral man that he is does not want to let this killer go while Alex has to abide by the law. This whole ordeal causes a conflict between Walker and the F.B.I. As Walker tries desperately to convince Mickey's sister Lanie to drop Mickey from the program, Archie eventually stands up to the bullies. The showdown comes at Walker's ranch where Mickey and his thug Leo try to kill Walker and hold Archie (Who had been staying with Walker) hostage but Mickey's sister arrives and tries to calm her brother down but Mickey shoots his sister and Walker takes down Mickey. Lanie dies in Walker arms uttering her last words "it's not his fault" and Walker turns his head to Mickey asking "who's going to protect you now?".

Loved this episode as it has a couple of lines that I like including:

"It's the funny thing about bullies, they only pick on kids who are afraid of them"

"If you've never met a man who doesn't have a scar or 2, that means he never fought for anything he believed in".

The ending nearly brought a tear to my eye but at least the bad guy ends up paying for it now.


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