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This movie is a treasure for lovers of aviation and historic aircraft since it shows planes you will not be able to see in flying condition anywhere else, including German naval seaplanes of the 1930s and a real WW1 Fokker Dr1 triplane. The aviation scenes are realistic and truly a piece of history. Yes, it was essentially a NS propaganda film, but it predates WW2 , and as such the propaganda shows life in the Luftwaffe, the German air force, as glamorous, exciting and honorable, but there is no propaganda directed against any other nation or group...this is not different from American films of the period. If you can look past the NS insignia on the tail of the aircraft, this is nothing but an enjoyable movie with flying scenes that should delight any historic aviation enthusiast.
When I found out that this film was released in the United states in 1940,I then realize how naive that most American citizens were about Hitler and the Nazis.As you know it wasn't until 1942,when Americans got into the war that the truth was finally revealed about Hitler , to most Americans back then.The plot is about a group of Nazi soldier Luftwaffe being trained to fight ,the good guys! and their personal Individual problems and conflicts.What hypocritical about this film is that you see the Nazi uniforms ,the swastikas,but, no pictures of Hitler on the wall of the military rooms and no Sieg Heil salutes.The film makers were attempting to draw the movie going audience to see the film without chasing them out,since many wanted escape,but, you still saw the uniforms and the swastikas.The Luftwaffe soldier are being trained by lieutenant Mithoff,played by Christian Kayssler and Upper Foreman Bonicke,played by Otto Wernicke.With in the team there are two troubled corporals.Fritz Paulsen ,played by Hines Welzel,and Robert Eckhard,played by Hermann Braun, who was personally anti Nazi and was force to fight in the Russian front and died from a sniper attack.They're good friend but are competitive against each other.Herman is rewarded for moving the airplane down on time and this leads it jealousy by Hines,which leads to a little fight during a party celebration.Oh their is a romantic under plot in this film.Corporal Zeissler, played by Adolph Fisher,I think, meets Farm gal Lina ,played by Carsta Lock,that's it.Bake to the two friends,they both run the airplane and aren't on speaking terms.Herman accidentally lands the the plane in the wrong way causing a little injury.When Christian finds out,he goes up to the Lieutenant,now in bed ,with Heinz on his side.Christian demands who was at fault.Herman refuses to speak ,then Hines takes the blame.Eventually tier both suspended from flying.In one scene Both Wernike and Kayssler reminiscence about the time they were fighting for the Kaiser,in world war 1,as they look at their plane restored D.111 88,Both still the same age in 1917.How Christian had the same conflict with a personal friend,I don't know who the actor was,when it came to a flying assignment,when Christian was a Corporal back then.Well Christian and Wernicke work with The Kriegs marine headed by, admiral Biem Manover,played by Ernest Dernberg, in maneuvers.Both Braun And Welsel are giving a second chance by driving a sea plane to check some distance for the map,i think,lighting knocks the plane down and their stranded.Wernicke finds out ,through the radio,then takes the broken down world war 1 airplane to rescues them,ending up in a watery grave.This is a first part of a to part Nazi propaganda film that focused on the Luftwaffe 08/19/13


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