Hindi Clinton And Nadine >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Clinton And Nadine

Genge: Action,Crime,Thriller,Drama,Romance

















































Clinton is desperate to find his brother's murderer. To do so, he enlists the aid of Nadine, an expensive call girl. Clinton and Nadine get sucked into a plot to smuggle guns to the Contra forces in Nicaragua.
I watched this movie last night, and I discovered the best way to enjoy it- turn the volume down.

Both Ellen Barkin and Andy Garcia are SO YOUNG and SO GORGEOUS! Seriously, this movie is a MUST if you are an Andy Garcia fan. He is drop-dead gorgeous. You even get to see him shirtless (briefly)and if you like hairy chests, you will be in your glory. Ellen Barkin is pretty hot, too, and there is a really cute dog.

The plot? There was lots of running and sweating and shooting and people getting wet- I don't think you'll miss much if you don't listen to it the sound.

So-turn the volume down and put on your favorite record. Enjoy the eye-candy. That basically sums up everything about this. It's definitely not good, then again, it could be worse. The plot doesn't really go anywhere you wouldn't expect it to, and the mystery is the only decent thing about it, offering at least one or two surprises in this entire thing. This utterly wastes Freeman and McGinley(who, of course, as always, is beyond awesome, there's no physical way for him to not be, no matter what he's portraying, or how much screen-time he gets), both of them having been in far superior films, and taken on considerably more compelling roles. There's eye-candy for everyone, in Barkin and Garcia. The pacing is fine. None of the acting is all that great. This just really doesn't stand out, it's got the tired old clichés and developments that we've seen countless times before, and done infinitely better. Cinematography and editing don't stand out at all. Nor do dialog or delivery. This isn't likely to stay in anyone's mind for terribly long after watching. It's half-baked and unimpressive. There is some strong language, nudity and a little violence in this. I recommend it only to the biggest fans, or those merely seeking something attractive to gaze upon. 5/10


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