Heavy hammer construction waste crusher

In the future, there will be a large market demand for construction waste disposal. The traditional construction waste disposal is mainly landfill and dumping, which will cause great damage to the ecological environment. Therefore, the main construction waste crusher will be mainly broken recycling and utilization.
How can construction waste be recycled and utilized? What kind of crusher is best for building garbage? Today, we Huacheng Heavy Industry introduced several construction waste disposal facilities for everyone.
Concrete block construction waste treatment: The simple concrete aggregate blocks are mainly hammered with ordinary hammers. If the concrete blocks are large blocks, the weight hammer crusher can be selected.
Demolition of construction waste: Disposal of the demolition of construction waste, broken-magnetic separation-separation screening, the most critical equipment for the crusher, for the demolition of construction waste can choose the best hammer crusher, hammer broken to The main characteristics of the material are large feed size and strong crushing capacity. The construction waste with steel bars can be broken completely by breaking into the heavy hammer, and then the steel bars are separated by magnetic separation. Finally, the light debris is processed through sorting, bleaching and other processes. Separation, crushing, magnetic separation, and separation processes make construction waste turn waste into treasure.
In view of the strong mobility of the construction waste crushing process, our company specially designed a portable construction waste crushing station to effectively solve the shortcomings of the traditional construction waste crusher that is inconvenient to move.
Our company specializes in the production of various types of construction waste disposal equipment, including: European version of the broken, European version of counterattack broken, heavy hammer broken, ordinary hammer broken, vibrating screen, magnetic separator and a full set of construction waste processing equipment, please call advisory.

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