Hamilton is such a popular saga that even though you have watched it or not, you know about it. However, the new version of Hamilton created by Lin Manuel Miranda has transformed the story with a hip-hop-infused musical about America’s first treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton. The show started on Broadway five years ago but it is going to be telecasted live on Friday which you can watch from the convenience of your home on Disney+.


Now, you won’t miss the opportunity to watch it while sipping your cup of coffee right? Here is where we tell you about Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. These are the two standards of video and audio that enhance the content and are supported by Hamilton. Dolby provides several movies and TV series in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos along with an ever-growing library of games, music, and live sports. So you can watch Hamilton in 4K HDR, and alongside, also take advantage of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Hamilton in Dolby Vision would show up in deeper blacks, brighter whites and additional vibrancy that all mixes together for a more lifelike experience, giving you a theatre-like feel. Coming to the audio, it is not merely a classic stereo mix. Atmos places different elements of the track all around your room so you will clearly hear vocals and the beat and environmental sounds reaching from different spots in your room, creating a fully immersive experience.

It might be the case that your TV already has a built-in Vision and Atmos, but if it does not, there are three different setups for you to consider: budget, mid-range, and high-end builds. These contain a TV capable of Dolby Vision, and a soundbar or home theater setup suitable for Atmos.

What do Atmos and Vision provide?

Taking about Hamilton and Dolby experience, Giles Baker, the senior vice president of consumer entertainment at Dolby Labs, said that watching Hamilton in Dolby will look and sound incredible even if you are watching it on a $200 device or a premium high-end system. He further goes on saying that this is the Dolby magic which will reflect details that cannot be noticed even live on Broadway. The sound quality will fascinate you in the experience and make you feel like a live experience.

Be it the $400 setup or a $1,400 home theater experience, Dolby will upgrade the quality of what you are watching as long as the content is certified in Vision or Atmos. And the combination of Hamilton with Atmos and Vision is probably the best way to watch it. Alongside, Dolby Vision is a form of high-dynamic-range imaging that tells the TV to adjust for the best picture. It delivers brighter highlights, starker contrast, and more vibrant colors, to give you visuals more accurate to what you’d see in real life to make the content more engaging. Dolby Vision IQ works as the ambient light sensor of the television and adjusts the visuals for the room you are in and the lighting conditions.

In case you are wondering how does the play look and sounds in Dolby then the answer is simply astonishing. Colors feel more realistic and are a little more saturated. Hence when the camera zooms in on anyone, every detail pops out, especially when the background is dark. The faces appear very clear and every detail is very prominent. The audio of the score, main vocals, background vocals, and effects can be heard on a broader soundstage with clear tunes. Especially the crowds’ reactions sound lovely. The King’s appearance and his voice is really fantastic. His scene starts with a rear view of him walking out on stage and then flip to the front. Every detail of his crown and the full outfit is made visible clearly. You can perfectly understand his facial expressions and observe his iconic walk.

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Source : Dolby Vision

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