Guo Pei with Rihanna fashion dress conquest of the West

She is the daughter of a Communist Party official quoted the Chinese fashion designer in the world: it's called Guo Pei, born in 1967, distinguishing marks unbridled luxury and presence in the ranking of the 100 most influential personalities compiled by Time. For she will remember forever the dress-omelet that the pop star Rihanna wore last year on the occasion of the gala at the Met Ball in New York. A sumptuous dress(short formal dress) went viral thanks to social networks, where it created a real competition of teasing, including photomontages with pizzas, the cartoon SpongeBob and a triumph of pans, browse in the gallery. All free advertising and a special launch for the couturier, that has led to today's very lucky.

But who is this little woman with golden hands? Born in Beijing 49 years ago, she graduated in fashion design at the Beijing Second Light Industry School, to become chief designer after three years in one of the first private companies of the era clothing 'post cultural revolution'. To found a company that will leave its mark in '97 and venture into the world of fashion, still in its infancy at that time Chinese historian. Guo Pei began designing clothes inspired by the traditional costumes of the imperial court of his country and is heavily criticized because it is 'out of reach' and far from contemporary taste.

Tre modelli firmati Guo Pei: collezione primavera estate 2016 ai lati, e in centro il celebre abito-frittata indossato da Rihanna l'anno scorso.

But to appreciate the ostentation and luxury of brocades of visionary models are Chinese celebrities before and then American ones. A hymn pure craftsmanship declined on models that come from the past, which makes its appearance on a prestigious catwalk as the 2008 Olympic Games wearing the singer Song Zuying and duets with Placido Domingo, during the closing ceremony. To create that dress signed by Guo takes two weeks of work to sew well 200 thousand handmade Swarovski crystals. But it is not yet his exploits.

In 2009 he made his debut at the China Fashion Week collection 'A Thousand and two nights' and the famous American model Carmen Dell'Orefice, born in 1931, parades wearing a white embroidered dress(bridesmaid dresses adelaide) and fur-lined with four escort people who help to bring the train. a yellow long model by rewriting characterized by a circular train edged with fur and embroidered with silver floral patterns, weighing 25 pounds in the previous year had been devised. To achieve it, it took about 50 thousand hours of work of his team of designers, spread over two years.

That's how Rihanna will see it on the Internet and is searching for the evening at the Met Ball in New York, serving for the evening theme of 2015 China. But Guo Pei on the principle is wary that the singer will be able to bear the weight of the legendary yellow dress. In fact, the star, who will win the cover of Vogue, three assistants are assigned to support it to climb the stairs and walk the red carpet. Result: Media exposure at 360 degrees and a more recognizable Guo for Western audiences.

In 2014, the designer had already been appointed at the Hong Kong Film Award for having designed the costumes for the film 'The Monkey King'. Headquartered in Beijing, his fashion house enters fully in the Olympus of high fashion elite international with the characteristic of the pieces that employ abundant fine silks, furs and hand embroidery. While in September 2015 it was consecrated with an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, in the exhibition 'China: Through the Looking Glass'.

A culmination of a twenty-year career, Guo Pei in 2016 became the first Asian designer member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. His first collection to be presented in the Paris Fashion Week has been the spring-summer 2016. Inspired by the flowers and the Phoenix, symbol of peace and purity, the collection suffered once again influences the Mandarin tradition among tassels 'gold, embroidery, silk and trail rich in delicate shades pink, blue and green water. But stands on all the others, the color according to an old Chinese saying 'creates Yin and Yang' being the center of it all: the yellow.

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