Guide to Publish Your eBooks

Our human civilization has been stored in books. It has the deep detail of human’s evolution. It gives us accurate information and ideas of those times in which it was written.  Written proof is more authentic and firm than a verbal proof because the other proof keeps on changing with the next generation. Our first step of learning too starts by seeing illustrated books with different beautiful images in a kindergarten school. From a kid to adult everyone loves to read books that are depending on their choice.

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All over the world, millions of people read books. Some people are very addicted to reads the book and wherever they go, they always carry their selected book to read. But carrying a book is not possible everywhere, especially if you have the inquisitive nature to get in detail of a subject. Out of those devout readers, there are readers who love to publish their book.

Here we will guide you to publish your eBook. All you need is just Apple’s free word processing app, which will help you to write and export it to an electronic book file format called EPUB, and publish it to Apple Books.

First, we will guide you to do on Mac:

  1. From the Pages list, select New.
  2. Hit the Books option appears in the sidebar of template chooser.

Select a template which is best for the book you are writing. Point to be remembered after you choose a template, when you get ready to start the process of publishing a book, landscape templates get exported into the EPUB format with a fixed layout.

When you start writing, you can add video, audio, animated drawings, tables, charts, etc., apart from your text and occasional image.

Export to EPUB

After completing the book, you are ready to export it to EPUB format and distribute it. The book application on Mac or iOS device can launch EPUB files, with other app and third-party EPUB readers.

Guide to export your book from Pages into the EPUB format using Mac:

  1. Select Export to>EPUB…
  2. Type the Name and Author of the book.
  3. Choose a cover type.
  4. Select Reflowable or Fixed Layout.
  5. In the Advanced option, click to add a Category option, and then choose your desired language.
  6. If you want to add the font which is used to create your preferred book then click in the embedded checkbox.
  7. Press the Next… button.
  8. Type a Name for your EPUB file and select a location to save it.
  9. Press the Export tab.

To see the exported EPUB file, twice press it to launch it in the Books Application on Mac

Guide to Publishing your eBook on the Apple Books Store

  1. Select Publish to Apple Books from the File list.
  2. Press the Continue tab.
  3. Type your Apple ID and press the Next tab.
  4. Type your Apple ID password and press the Next tab.

You will then get the information about your book, like, the name of a seller and version number etc. You will find your book in EPUB format in the Books Application. Just upload the book, and you can set a sale price.

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