when attempting to connect to a gameAdded in support for Logitech ARX ControlBROADCASTER MODE:Added vertical movement control while in    NFL Coins   free camera modeImproved the smoothness of third person camera mode.Broadcasters can now see gear that has not been activated by players on the ScoreboardInactive gear appears

grayed-out to BroadcastersRemoved black-and-white filter when Broadcasters exit the confines of the mapAdded gameplay notifications for BroadcastersHolograms of Buy NFL Coins  unpurchased Buildables now appear for BroadcastersImproved the visibility of player outlines through terrainHiding the Broadcaster hotkey interface also hides the F1-F10 player selection hotkeys.Added a Broadcaster section to the Options menu"Camera Clipping" can be changed to prevent third person cameras from clipping into geometryBroadcasters can select whether or not the

Death Recap screen appears by defaultMATCHMAKING:Players can now select a specific server region when entering a private match.AUDIO:Ultimate skillvoice https://www.mmogo.com/  over linesare now audible by all players regardless of distance.Fixed an issue that caused certain sounds to only utilize rear audio channels in surround sound audio configurationsBUG FIXES:General:Fixed an issue that allowed characters with damage-blocking shields to absorb more damage than

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