Nowadays, setting up a website is a normal thing. It has become an obligation rather than a mere extravagant way of delivering your services. Not only business vendors, but the consumers are also appreciating this digital trend.

And, the prowess of technology trends dominates this digital industry. The business owners always stay in a hunt for advanced and latest implications of technology to grow and succeed over the competitors.

Talking about WordPress, it is a great CMS that can be easily extended as custom web solutions, to serve any sort of business need. Hire WordPress developer and develop flexible and scalable solutions, serving your industry.

Every now and then, the whole WordPress community stays up to get features and integrations in the default built. Taking this statement further, here, I would like to discuss the Google amalgamation with WordPress to ease out the stress of merchants who wish to get the advantage of Google tools and services.

With passing times, Google services are continually shifting for good. There is no second thought that things are changing to make business easier. Earlier, you need to harness this prowess with some third-party integrations. However, you can now get it in-built and readily available with the WordPress platform.

So, what can you get from this partnership?

  • Track business performance

You can add Google Analytics to your WordPress site and easily track its performance. Acquire detailed statistics on visitors' behavior in a timely manner. And, there is no need to write a single line of code now with the built-in stats of WordPress.

  • G Suite

Leverage the prowess of the famous G Suite powered by Google cloud. Now, no software is required to know the site’s performance and workflow. Simply integrate G Suite. Also, you can add Drive, Gmail address, calendars, hangouts, and docs to your WordPress account.

  • Google search console integration

Integrate Google search console and make your WordPress site easy to find, just like search engines. You can also fetch reports on the user’s preferences on searching, clicking, and linking to your site. And, a lot more.

  • Google Docs

If you are a blogger and setting up a website on WordPress, it is the perfect choice to make as you can easily write, collaborate, and edit in Google Docs directly, and later on, post it on the blog site.

  • Advantage of Google photos

With Google Photos, you can upload an image for your blog or product once and preserve it to share almost anywhere. Thus, Google with site offers you a streamlined workflow in managing and saving media on the web storage.

Instead of double efforts of uploading images multiple times, you can easily browse, select, and cope images straight from Google account into your WordPress powered blog pages or posts.

Parting Thoughts!

Undoubtedly, all the above-mentioned benefits are quite alluring to every one of us. However, you need to choose the business plan of the WordPress platform to add and use Google tools and services, no installation of software is required too.

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