GGG on Balancing Minions & Making Noise

This week's  POE Items : The Exiled Tribune, we've got a nifty mini-interview with Designer Rory Rackham around the upcoming minion balance changes being released in The Fall of Oriath also as Lead Artist Erik Olofsson about The Fall of Oriath monsters with Sound Engineer Andrew Reid about how exactly sounds are made inside game. They provide some interesting background specifics of design processes. We'll also have a look at some other interesting tidbits on the week that's.

Lastly, be sure to check out immediately's variety of new microtransactions! They range from the Stormcaller Amor Set, Battery Pack Attachment, the Arcane Character Effect, the Stormcaller Character Effect, the Arcane Tome Totem, the Lightning Swarm Pet, the Arcane Flame Decoration as well as the Lightning Coil.

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