Getting a Peek Inside the Creative Process

As another part on the history of POE Goods , the site is updated which has a detailed have a look at how one item, The Labyrinth system, principal purpose is and created. During 2016, two Grinding Gear design developers offered their thoughts around the design process behind The Labyrinth system that got into PoE during Ascendancy. To give players an idea on the complexity with the creation in the system is, your entire presentation document as well as speakers' notes has become released.

If you're fascinated with "how we did it" and if you intend to get a peek behind the curtain, head to The Labyrinth presentation notes to discover how it happened.

We're very happy using the Labyrinth. It feels totally different to your rest of Path of Exile, so we feel that's important. There are potential improvements visiting it in the foreseeable future. For example, they is discussing lowering the length with the normal difficulty one. I would expect to determine it keep receive changes as part with the regular Path of Exile content moving forward.

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