Get Dental Implant To Replace Missing Tooth


Most of the time teeth are lost because of disease or trauma. Trauma can come in the type of an excessive biting forces or accident. Disease is normally periodontal disease or tooth decay but there are some other categories like cancer and more than a few neoplasm's of the jaw that can result in the problem of tooth loss. Reports show that over 50% of the population has one or more absent teeth. Commonly, trauma causes the loss of one front tooth. The overall effect this has on well being of a person is obvious. Luckily a knowledgeable dental implantologist can generally eliminate the remaining root, put a dental implant, and keep safe a new tooth to that implant in one single visit of an hour or two. The single tooth loss in the back is generally caused by periodontal disease or tooth decay. Mostly, it can be cured just like front teeth but for different reasons it is generally more hectic. If you are searching the best solution, you should check dental implants prices first.


Generally not the treatment for one missing back tooth is as follows:

  • Damaged tooth extraction and root sockets grafting. Wait for the period of 4 months then
  • Dental implant placement to change the root of missing tooth. Wait for the period of 4 to 6 months then
  • Abutment placement on the dental implant and check taking for the crown fabrication to replace the missing tooth. Wait for the period of 3 weeks then
  • Permanent abutment attachment to the full set of teeth implants as well as crown cementation to the abutment. All Done.

The requirement for replacing one missing tooth or full teeth replacement in the back is normally not as intuitively clear as the requirement for replacing missing tooth in the front; but it is crucial. You know that teeth are very movable. We have all noticed an Orthodontist putting anxiety on a tooth with a small size rubber band and shifting it where ever he desires. Each and every tooth in the mouth has a purpose and a position. When there is missing tooth the natural reaction of body is to drift adjoining teeth into the void that is formed. Over the period of time a missing tooth may really cause a transformation in the position of other tooth in the mouth. You should know that Malocclusion can then grow contributing to TMJ, headaches, dysfunction, muscle spasms in the shoulders and neck, tooth decay, food impaction between teeth, periodontal problem, and some other problems. As these issues do not always develop and as they can happen years after the single tooth is misplaced, people mostly do not associate the tooth loss to the problems. It is a humiliation that a missing tooth is mostly ignored in light of the suitable consequences but the growth of bone graft for dental implant for the replacement of a missing tooth is cheering some more people to seek best treatment.

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