FUT 16 worth starting or not

FIFA is my most played game, but I have only ever played Versus/seasons. I hover in divisions 1 and 2. I've never played FUT before, should I start playing when 16 comes out, or maybe even now?
I don't want to spend any real money.

I'm tempted to start, because I am incredibly sick of playing Real Madrid 75% of my games. But, I do prefer playing with a 5 star team (Chelsea, personally).

I know next to nothing about formations, or how I would build a good team.]

No time like now! Especially with 50K rare player packs to play for right now. You'll also get a good sense of how trading/creating squads works. This is actually the most exciting time of the year for FUT. You have a full assortment of Inform and MOTM cards available on the market, prices dropping like crazy. And we are just starting with the Team of the Seasons. If you play/win all the online/single player tournaments on offer right now, you could win 6 50K packs, and 6 25K packs in total. Go for it! Plus you get a little loyalty bonus pack when you start FUT 16.

Sounds like he is a good player, Divisions 1/2 is pretty tough competition in regular online mode. Plus, you can now make a really good gold team with less than 10,000 Fifa coins because of the fire sale going on.


How do I get onto tournaments for these packs? I climbed to Div 5 online with few bronze and silver players in no time but has been stuck there since as I'm trying to earn some coins to build a squad.

Like OP, I started playing FUT for the first time in 4 years only a month back.

Give it a try but it's nothing like normal seasons. In FUT, you feel like you have less control over what actually happens in comparison to normal seasons. I recently came back to FUT after a long break and like yourself I hover between divisions 1+2 in normal head to head; the ricochets, the blatant changes of momentum during FUT games and even shooting feels different. It will probably drive you mad but give it a try and see for yourself.

Hovering in div1-2 in seasons means you are good enough to advance to higher divisions in FUT quite fast, which means in no time you will be able to afford to buy a quite good BPL team for starters (I mean players like Zarate, Vargas, Taarabt, Schurlee, Fer etc). People on FUT tend to think the better squad they've got, the better they are, but that's bullshit. Sure, having Reus and being able to sprint through the entire opponent's defence gives an advantage, but you just gotta adjust.

No probably not, as for a large majority of the time you're going to be playing with a rubbish team. If you can bare to play 30-40 games (with coin boosts) then yes it is worth it as, although there are some propper c****s that play the game, it is the best game mode on Fifa imo.

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