Washing programs and functions are perfect so that the task of washing clothes is something simpler, and also faster:

Pause + Load function is the solution to occasional forgetfulness. You can add garments of any size, even if the washer is running. You just have to press the button and enter the garment. That way you won't have that dirty garment waiting for the next laundry.

With the latest function, you can save time or energy of your choice. Selecting the "fastest" key will reduce the washing time in half to have the laundry as soon as possible.

Hurry? If you need a specific garment, you need it now and it only has a slight degree of dirt, you can opt for the Super Fast 15/30 min program. It serves to have up to 2 / 3.5 kilos of clothes washed in these two-time intervals.

Look closely at the programs offered by your washing machine company, you will find one for every need: for shirts, lingerie, curtains, comforters, pillows, etc. And also the sports program to wash your gym clothes without wrinkle formation.

Washing machines that save:

Laundromat near me service takes the environment very seriously, and that is why we are especially concerned with the consumption of the washing machine during the years that accompany you.

It is the reason why almost all washing machines have energy certification A or higher, and many reach the highest score that exists today: A +++, consuming even 30% less than the models of this rating.

It is the best guarantee that you have an environmentally responsible appliance in your home. Thanks to the saving of resources they generate, you manage to save on the electricity bill.

Also, within the machine function, there is the “more eco” option, which significantly reduces energy consumption during laundry. And we do not forget the AquaControl technology, which is incorporated in a large number of models and serves to control the entry of water depending on the load to use only the essential amount.

Do you already know how to choose a washing machine? Did you like everything we've told you? Well, you have them all available in the online store. However, if you do not want to invest your money in buying, the best and cheap option is to use Laundromat near me service.

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