Fun DIY Ways To Use Your Printer

Who said printers can only be used for everyday office jobs? Printers can be taken for granted sometimes. There are so many possibilities for uses of printers that can be useful and helpful (not to mention-fun!).

15 fun DIY print ideas
Personalized napkins for parties and events.
Clear labeling for those things that you want to label without the white tape.
Burlap prints to decorate your home or events (everyone knows brides-to-be need this on their Pinterest board).
Wood signs using prints rubbed into the wood.
Innovative art pieces using used dryer sheets. For those artists who think they have tried it all.
Personalized paper bags. Perfect for events or to make your kids feel special at school.
Nail decals for those who like to add a little spice to their look.
Wax paper transfers to decorate any items of your choice.
Permanent decals.
Image transfers to personalize fabrics.
Vellum sheets for photorealistic images.
Printed luminaries using vellum and acetate.
Paint chips for mailable postcards.
Tissue paper photo canvases to capture memorable moments.
Temporary tattoos to play around with.
There is virtually no limit to the things you can do with your printer. Printers also make efficient use of expensive ink, so you don't have to worry about waste. Get your projects done with a peace of mind. Don't miss out on all the fun! Try a few today, and check out our printers that can help you be creative!

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