Just assume if you are engaged in doing some essential piece of work, but suddenly you realize that your PC unexpectedly reboots without notifying you. These symptoms straightly indicate that your system might be facing the INVALID_DATA_ACCESS_TRAP error message. In case you have experienced the same condition with your PC, then it means you already have it on your device. If you have seen the same error message, then don’t panic. Just keep on reading this blog and you will surely find a perfect solution to the issue.


Solution 1: Turn Off Automatic Restart

By disabling the automatic reboot on your Windows 10, you can easily get rid of the INVALID_DATA_ACCESS_TRAP error message. Here are the instructions to fix via deactivating Automatic reboot:

  1. Head to the home screen of your computer and make sure all programs and apps are closed.  
  2. Press the Start button to open the start menu.
  3. In the start menu, make a right-click on the This PC icon.
  4. Choose the Properties option to open it.
  5. Then, go to Advanced system settings using the left side menu.
  6. Now you will see the System Properties window on your computer screen.  
  7. Make your way to the Settings situated in the Startup and recovery subheading.
  8. In the succeeding window, head to System failure and then unselect the option saying Automatically restart.
  9. Hit the Ok button.
  10. See if the error is still occurring. If so, then move to the next fix.

Solution 2: Start with Safe Mode

Our next solution to fix the INVALID_DATA_ACCESS_TRAP error is by booting your system into safe mode. Here are the steps to fix it using the safe mode:

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows logo + I keys together to trigger the settings app.  
  2. The Settings windows would show up, and now you need to go to Update and Security tile.  
  3. After that, proceed to the Recovery option using the left side menu.
  4. In the right side window, look for the link saying Advanced startup.
  5. Now make a press on Restart Now option.  
  6. Once the PC reboots, you will be asked to choose the next option.  
  7. Head to Troubleshoot on the current screen.
  8. Then make your way to the Advanced options.
  9. Next, go to the Startup Settings.
  10. Choose the Restart button to continue.
  11. Post the restart process hit the F4 key to trigger the get into the Safe Mode.
  12. Now the problem should be resolved, and if it shows up still, then pay attention to the final fix mentioned below.

Use Blue-Screen Troubleshooter to Fix INVALID_DATA_ACCESS_TRAP

This is the ultimate and inevitable solution for the INVALID_DATA_ACCESS_TRAP error issue on Windows 10 computer. Here is how to use it to solve the issue:

  1. Navigate to the Start Menu by hitting the Start button on your keyboard.
  2. Make a press on Gear cog-like icon.
  3. This will open Settings on your PC, and then you have to reach to the Update & Security tile.
  4. Make your way to Troubleshoot from the left side menu.
  5. Head to Blue Screen link.
  6. Make your way to Run the Troubleshooter.
  7. Wait until the process wraps up and then reboot the device to see effects.

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