If you’ve got a Canon inkjet printer, chances are high that you’ve encountered Error B200 at some purpose. This error has fazed me varied times too. Good thing, I learned the way to manage and resolve this error on my own. Now, this easy troubleshooting guide ought to assist you to fix Canon printer Error B200 for the Pixma MP560. I applied these courses of actions unnumberable of times and the success rate it at eight out of ten. That’s pretty high (I think?!) that is why I’m with confidence sharing it with you guys.

Error B200 Causes – What prompts this Printer Error?

Here’s the issue though’, this error typically happens once totally different formulas of ink are used by the printer. One exemplar is once you replace or refill an aftermarket cartridge with low-cost printing provides that have questionable toner quality and/or build quality. So, I extremely suggest shopping for solely from legitimate vendors if you decide to refill or use remanufactured cartridge

Troubleshooting Guide – the way to Fix Error B200?

Phase #1:

1.  close up the printer and undo from the ability supply.

2.  Open the printer cowl to reveal the ink cartridges.

3.  take away the Pixma MP560 cartridges – PGI-220BK and CLI-221.

4.  fastidiously take away the printhead from the printer. Handle with utmost care to avoid damaging the elements still because of the cables connected. Avoid victimization excessive force once disconnecting cables.

5. Clean the printhead in conjunction with the ink cartridges. This guide ought to assist you to clean them properly.

6.  Clean the contact pads with a contact cleaner or an honest previous rubber eraser.

7.  put in the printhead 1st and so the ink cartridges thenceforth before powering up the Canon inkjet printer.

8.  Run the “Auto Head Alignment” check print.

The whole method ought to take concerning half-hour looking on however thorough you would like to scrub the printhead and also the cartridges. If the error still pops up, proceed to the subsequent part.

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Phase #2:

In this part, you’ll have an online association and administrator access on a laptop.

1.  Update the canon printer drivers still because of the Canon IJ Printer Utility software package.

2.  Click “Start” from your Windows desktop and click on “Devices and Printers.”

3.  Right-click the Canon Pixma MP560 and click on “Properties.”

4.  choose the “Maintenance” tab and click on “Deep cleansing.”

5.  Run a Nozzle Check from the upkeep tab once the deep cleaning is finished.

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