Final Fantasy XIV recently added Blue Mages to the game, allowing players to wear their best outfits and learn the magical attacks of monsters. “Limited” jobs can't do a few activities like everyone else, but their participation creates interesting opportunities for groups and soloists.

The Blue Master was declared a mixture of excitement and chaos during the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in November. Fans are interested in this unique team but are not sure what FFXIV's first "limited" job means. The answer is a bit disappointing: the Blue Master can only be around level 50, and can't line up for other things like dungeon roulette, raid or PvP activities. However, the core connections associated with leveling can increase your role, and if you are short and bring a lot of color to your game world, it's interesting to find new and potentially profitable skills.
I am very excited because I am waiting for FFXIV Gil the Blue Master level to get to the game on Monday night. The city square is packed with so many players, moving some steps means waiting a few seconds before the data is loaded so you can see more people. The crowd wore blue clothes, and the bard sang the song "Da Ba Dee" on Eiffel 65. People tried to summon NPC by waving blue baseball. In order to kill time, I help to judge the equipment competition of any group of players, they are just excited to change the rhythm and new magic skills.

Unfortunately, until the task giver was created on Tuesday morning. When I woke up, I started this task, and one of the imaginary scammers was selling blue magic. It turns out that he is legal, although his method of speech is a bit suspicious. I will be able to enter this course soon, put on a beautiful dress and start exploring the world of monster movements. The Blue Master learns skills by watching monsters perform skills. To get a new skill you have to fight a monster, find their whereabouts to use the skills, then beat them and you will find it hard to understand. Combine this and use the Blue Master to gain more monster experience than the other classes - presumably because they can't wait in line for random dungeons. It's fun to encourage individuals to leave the city and examples. Players in higher-level areas will visit the coordinates of rare monsters on the spot, while other places are almost filled with blue wizards looking for skills. Before Blue Mages can learn their abilities, going to these areas and eliminating monsters is not always effective - but the goal of Blue Mages should be to get people to shop, in fact, it is successful.

It’s usually strange to play in the Blue Mages band, but I have a lot of fun. This is a normal experience - a real mix between honed parties, while the other is more cautious. However, you jump from one area to another to stop blaming, stop to allow the bomb to ruin in front of you, and in some cases, we enter the dungeon together. The ability of some blue mages can be obtained in the dungeon, which means creating a prefabricated group and delving into the dangerous examples. Because you see restrictions (so you won't be banned from starting higher levels), you probably won't have traditional tanks and Buy FFXIV Gil therapists. But what is certain is that you and I will have a blue mage to cast healing spells, while the rest will use 1000 stitches to apply huge damage. This is a more casual experience than ordinary dungeon crawling, albeit stupid but very interesting.

It doesn't take much time to upgrade the Blue Master, I am motivated from about 19th to 50th in a short period of time. Players who have reached level 50 show me space where I can pull advanced monsters, but still, let my tank friends kill them for a lot of experience. As a result, I was able to rise from 24 to 50 in two hours. I was given a good kind of manual friend to give me the equipment.

This allows me to focus more on hunting monsters and learning abilities, but some players may be very disappointed because they can fire throughout the process, especially since the maximum power is lower than other levels. The ability of the Blue Master is interesting, but there is no strong traditional course. Therefore, I expect that the number of blue mages in this field will be greatly reduced in the future.

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