Where are definitely the Hatching-tide hidden egg locations in Final Fantasy XIV? Easter has arrived on Square Enix’s famous Resurrection MMO, and we are all celebrating by solving some embarrassing egg-based puzzles. At least you can obtain your brain working prior to inflicting a chocolate-induced coma on yourself. As ever, we’re here that can help so you can unlock the plush new Spriggan armor set.

This is really a seasonal event, therefore you only have a small amount of time to perform the new pair of quests: Eggstreme Extrapolation, A Sheltered Eggsistence, and Deus Eggs Machina. However, you should be FFXIV Gil at least level 15 to tackle them, and you simply have until April 22 at 2:59pm GMT (9:59am ET / 6:59 PT) until they’re gone once and for all. And that’s no joke. Honestly, should you didn’t appreciate that pun, perhaps this list of objectives isn’t for you personally – Hatching-tide is filled them.

Jihli Aliapoh is at trouble, and also you’re the hero with all the penchant for scavenging she needs. She needs your benefit finding a group of FFXIV Hatching-tide hidden eggs snaffled away through the mischievous Nonotta and Riggy. You can find the quest-giver that you are in trouble in Old Gridania.: her coordinates are X:10.2, Y:9.4. So, since you’re ready, here are definitely the Final Fantasy XIV Hatching-tide hidden egg locations.

Final Fantasy XIV Hatching-tide hidden egg locations

Gotta and Riggy’s puzzle is really a toughie, so it’s understandable when you feel a tad stumped when she hands that you simply rather confounding pair of maps. The scattered blend of letters all around the map doesn’t reveal that much to get you started, and soon you speak to some spriggans. They’re in close proximity to Nonotta so you’ll discover their whereabouts marked on your own minimap before trying to find each egg. Each spring a gives that you clue that corresponds to your map, but these would be the only hints Nonotta will give.

Once you understand where to find each Buy FFXIV Gil hidden egg for Hatching-tide you should employ your in-game talk with type ‘Egg Hunt’ at the correct spot with chat mode set to ‘Say’. You’ll know you’ve first got it right as being a cutscene may play. But, in case you need a tad more help, here are both the places the place you need to accomplish this action in chronological order:

Once you’ve said the password to Babineaux you’ll have completely finished the Deus Eggs Machina quest and effectively discovered the many FFXIV Hatching-tide puzzle solutions. That, of course, provides you with the full Spriggan armor set. Oh and, should you’re a clumsy soul, therefore, you’ve lost the jacket somewhere while completing the quests, you should buy it back on the event shop.

And there you go, that’s how to find all the Hatching-tide hidden eggs in Final Fantasy XIV. If you’re seeking more information on the modern jobs coming towards the game within its third major expansion, Shadowbringers, then here’s that which you know about the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Gunbreaker job. And, naturally, you will find there's a list of the very best MMOs on PC when you’re trying to find more massively multiplayer fun times to own with your mates. In the meantime, produce your own. you enjoy your new list of threads. Just never get chocolate upon it, it’s simply a waste knowing that stuff stains.

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