Final Fantasy XIV announces the event of "Shadowbringers"

Square Enix announced the following expansion of Final Fantasy XIV. The title is "Shadowbringers," as well as the new extension, are going to be available sometime September.

The following is undoubtedly an overview of the newest extension:

Shadowbringers will be the third expansion pack for FINALFANTASY®XIVOnline, with well over 14 million registered players in award-winning MMOs. It is scheduled to sell in the early summer of 2019, and another great chapter will lead players to take new adventures to counter the threat of becoming dark fighters.

Shadowbringers made their debut in the 2018 Las Vegas Fan Festival, and producer and director Naoki Yoshida launched a great trailer that laid the groundwork for the following chapter from the final fantasy XIV Online epic.

The new extension provides a wealth of new content, including new player races, multiple new jobs, increased caps, new regional expansions, combat system adjustments, and also a variety of unique battles, Final Fantasy XIV Gil rules, artisans and Collect content. In addition to these core features, Shadowbringers will launch a whole new set of systems.

NPC "trust" system - Players are now able to fight with familiar NPCs.

New Game + Features - Allows the participant to "replay" the features on the FINAL FANTASY XIV main scene story.

World Access System - Players can turn to other servers inside the same data center and communicate with more players.

As a surprise announcement, Yoshida also revealed the Blue Master to FINAL FANTASY XIV Online from the release of Patch 4.5. All players with A Realm Reborn will use FFXIV Gil and Blue Master to succeed in level 50 as being a warrior or magic disciple and take care of the 2.0 main scene. Inspired with the previous FINAL FANTASY game, Blue Master's work provides a unique solo game experience where players will find out monster movements and advance through Blue Master specific content. The Blue Master will begin with a 50-level cap and add new content inside the future.

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