Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 Review 2

And let’s not just talk about simply how much nicer it's to have a mouse for camera controls, the opportunity to click on your abilities, and stuff like targeting or NPC interaction. This sheer difference under control schemes has led most gamers and developers to Buy FFXIV Gil come for the same conclusion: MMOs just don’t work with consoles.

"The main difference is the action’s technical prowess, and I’m pleased to report that is a terrific improvement above the PS3 version in the game. The visuals are improved and show more detail, the resolution is increased, the draw distance is greater, plus much more characters and effects show up on screen during a period."

But it appears that nobody ever bothered to inform Square Enix that. The company carries a history of bringing its MMOs to consoles, a trend that started with Final Fantasy XI, which actually released around the PlayStation 2 before it released on PC, no less than in Japan.


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