Filter shaker is transformation design based on rotary gravel processing plant on the filter screen, also called filter screen, is a kind of special filtration equipment, applicable to all sectors of the sieving and filtering for removing impurities. The equipment of the mesh is not blocked, the powder can not fly, can be screened to 400 mesh, stainless steel material, compact, light weight, can move freely, does not occupy space.

Filter type gravel processing plant is Zenith company adopts new type of vertical vibration motor as vibration source, the vertical vibration motor, the lower end is provided with an eccentric weight, can produce three sport level, vertical, inclined, exciting force via a material receiving disc is transferred to the screen frame and material in order to achieve good classification.By adjusting the phase angle, eccentricity hammer, can change the material in the sieve surface movement, ensure the material fully screening, filtering. To the working process of the equipment, need to be closed circulating valve, open the valve to start above, filtering, the general filter cake thickness control in 2-3 cm, change from the upper part of the tank pressure gauge can observe the pressure, in the process of filtering with filter cake thickening, pressure rise, generally up to 4 kilograms of pressure.

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