Film Evaporators – Most Pure Substance Producing Appliance

Film evaporators are a mechanical instrument, used to produce high-purity substance from heat-sensitive products. There are two factors, responsible for the maintaining the quality of products and preserve its properties like color, smell, taste through polymerization & condensation – use of vacuum and short duration of product contact with the heated surface. These processes are required in several foods, pharmaceutical and chemical industries using film evaporators.

Usually, film evaporators are of two types:

Falling film evaporators

Rising film evaporators

In falling film evaporators, the liquid material reaches the evaporator from the top. Then, the product is equally distributed in the heating tubes. Now a thin partially evaporated film enters the heating tube and flows in the downward direction at boiling temperature. The steam causes heat evaporator and the product & vapors inside the heating tubes flow in the downward direction in a parallel approach. By the current of vapor flow, the downward movement gets increased and in vapor separator, a concentrated product from its vapor is separated.

This evaporator has the tendency to be operated with low-temperature differences between the boiling liquid and heating medium. That’s why it is more apt for heat-sensitive products.        

Rising film evaporators functions on a thermo-siphon principle. In this evaporator, processing product enters through the bottom part of the heating tubes and steam forms as it gets heated. The upward force of the steam produced by the boiling forces liquid and vapors to flow up in the parallel approach. That time only, the production of vapor increases and the product get mold in a thin film on the walls of the tubes and rising the liquid in an upward direction. This upward movement against gravity creates high turbulence in the liquid. It is must have the high-temperature difference between the heating and boiling division otherwise, the energy of the vapor flow would not be sufficient to move the liquid and generate a rising film.               

What are the key advantages to become service-taker of

Our equipment is designed with maximum safety features

Quality driven approach in manufacturing

At-industry repairing of the equipment

Superb after sales service

Direct communication with our machine engineers on request

Our Film Evaporators are widely used for varied applications like product purification, the concentration of solutions, degassing, solvent recovery and concentration of slurries. We have sold plentiful film evaporators in the chemical and fine chemical industry, food and beverage industry, oleochemical industry, nutraceutical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and biotech industry.

Some of many benefits of our evaporating machinery include high heat transfer coefficients, low-pressure drop, the low-temperature difference between process and heating medium, wide operation options, cost-worthy equipment, suitable for vacuum operations, and high evaporation rate. A cluster of these facilities would be tough to get in the apparatus of other production company. We provide free demo of our equipment at authorized centers. It would be better if you invest a shorter portion of your time at our selling outlet and check out the suitability of our range of machinery for your industrial needs.

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