FIFA 20 release date confirmed in 2019 E3

EA just announced FIFA 20, but now the publisher has revealed the results you can get from this year's football game. This series has traditionally arrived at the end of September, and this year remains the same: FIFA’s 20th release date is scheduled for September 27.

The publisher disclosed the message in a short trailer that you can see below. The video once again shows a weird "V" logo, as well as some more generic football videos. EA has yet to confirm which platforms FIFA 20 will launch, but the series usually comes from PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS3 and Xbox 360.

EA plans to talk more about FIFA 20 Coins this year's football game on EA Play, instead of revealing more information now. The publisher said that the "complete FIFA 20 Revelation" will be released at 7 am Pacific Time on June 8 / 10 am / 3 pm EST (ie AET at 12 am on June 9). Four hours later, EA will host the FIFA section of the EA Play live broadcast.

Despite the confirmation, EA recently shared some game changes for FIFA 20. EA said that the most important thing is artificial intelligence defense, which emphasizes and motivates manual defense instead of letting the computer defend you. One way EA plans to do this is to increase the likelihood that a manual tackle will pass the ball to a teammate. The automated defense will reduce its overall efficacy and slow down reaction time.

Shooting is also constantly improving, and attackers give higher accuracy in the case of easy shooting, such as by cleaning the guardian. In these cases, the goalkeeper's reaction time will be reduced to resolve the sometimes "superman" reaction of the player's complaints. In addition, the timing window of the green timing lens is reduced to Buy FIFA 20 Coins two frames for all shots, and they are also "slightly less precise." However, EA does assure players that the green timing lens "is still more accurate than non-timed lenses."

EA said that a lot of work is being done to make passing and shooting more realistic, especially in the face of difficult strikes. For example, Volleys will be more varied and less accurate, while 180° and the first pass will result in a "slower/weaker ball." To make up for it, the simple situation will be more accurate now. Two new delivery options will also be introduced: Drive Pass (which will replace the current manual pass button combination) and Pass Pass, which will no longer be an automatic context pass variant, but will be controlled only by the user.

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