Fifa 19 allows you to prepare every game

In you will be able to keep track of your results and your stats Kick-off, including detailed analysis, of all the games played in this mode. Use these statistics to analyze and refine your game plan, change tactics before the game and get ready for each match. This advanced system keeps track of all game information available on you and your opponents in kick-off mode. Thanks to a series of detailed information, Fifa 19 allows you to prepare every game Kick-off as you would, in reality, using tactics and strategies obtained by analyzing your statistics. You can view your goal stats or compare them to any opponent in kick-off mode. The statistics update works slightly differently on each gaming platform. Some of the stat you could check will be: victories, defeats, draws, % victories, goals scored, goals suffered, types of goals: from inside the area, from outside the area, penalties, free kicks, heat map for goals, % shots on goal, shots on goal, total shots,% average ball possession, % average ball possession in the areas of the field, % completed passes, results of the last five games, more victories in the double comparison, more victories to the best of the three, more victories to the best of five, more victories in the cup final, fastest goal scored, major goal difference in a match and others. You can create your name or ID to save your Kick-off stats on Fifa 19 servers, so you can see your progress wherever you play Fifa 19 on the chosen platform (using the same ID on multiple platforms is not supported). Once logged in via your gaming platform profile, you can link your new name kick-off and continue your kick-off experience on any platform.Click Here

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