FIFA 16: Will Ultimate Team Alright

-Word Class Tournaments are far too difficult to play. Players dribble like legandary players. Tournaments should be difficulty: proffessional. Besides for example lower rating teams like elche fc dribble like they are fc Barcelona. Impossible. Make adjustments.

-You should get more coins if you win a tournament...good players are far too expensive...where is the fun in playing if you never going to earn enough coins to buy them?? except if you are buying and selling players all year long!!! Set the prices not above 100.000!!

-No difficulty class between proffesional and world class. Create one!!!!

-The referies are dramatic. You get a fault if you you nothing. Rewrite them.

-When you are playing/ players are constantly running in offside position which is irritating in crucial stages of the game.

-If you sprint with players it is most of the time straightforward. You have to press to many buttons if you want to make a movement. The better players should play better themselves. EA should take a look at the making of pro evolution soccer where players are more flexible in their movements. PLayers are not made out of timber,

-Rewrite defenders. If you press r1 the center backs are running the opposite direction in stead of attacking/defending the attacker. See youtube. This issue is already a problem for years so do something about it. Thats why world class difficulty is impossible to defend. Frustatiing!!! If you defend...the defenders go around the attackers in stead of going for the ball directly. One turn by the attacker and they are through. Unless you press and keep pressing buttosn again and again. Make it easier!

- Scoring is far too difficult. You score never by shooting normal!!!! Of adjust the keepers.

- Players which are bought in the catalogus are not showing up in ultimate team after you have bought them. Fix it!!! Ilost many Fifa 16 coins.

- Tournament Pyramid Invitational is not working. I have tried everything to fix this. Nothing helped. I switched players etc... Fix It.

- You can only make 15 teams. I want to create more teams. Why is there a limit to this. Absurd!

- Packages from the ultimate edition where horrible. One good player while i spended 15 euro extra when i bought the game. Not doing this again.

- When i press square in transfermarket everything dissappears while i only want to set the values prices on 0.

- Why can i not search on attributes from players in transfermarket? Remove teamstyles!! That is not important. You can do that yourself.

-Players are still stuck in transfercandidates...I get this problem each year!

- Adjust the croude. People are doing the same thing.
- Commentary is each game the same. Get more variety.

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