My personal experience was that it was not fun. Due to the chaotic and unregulated market that began at the end of FUT14, the game mode stopped being fun so I stopped buying FPs and actually ultimately traded my copy of Fifa 15 in.

I would say that it is a mixture of disillusioned people like myself who stopped buying FPs and those other disillusioned people who felt compelled to buy Fifa 16 coins instead of buying FPs that were the driving force behind this change. Neither group of people found the game and the chaotic market to be fun anymore.

I'm intrigued. Please explain why your experience was no longer fun... I felt compelled to buy nothing, just traded and made the most of a crazy market.

Beyond the fact we don't like coin sellers, what about their existence spoiled anything for us? Prices were higher, but that was the same with pretty much everything.... there were also many more lazy people that would buy the first thing on the market, not caring how many coins it was.

Nobody lost from coin selling except EA. Nobody wins from a regulated market except EA.

I respectfully disagree. I lost out due to coin selling and so did every other rule-abiding player who did not want to trade their way up to the best cards.

I want to buy FPs and for my FPs to be worth something. After that I want to play the game and not spend half of my life trading. This is why it was no longer fun for me.

I lost from coin selling and I now win from a regulated market.

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