It's my turn to propose a solution to the FUT Market/Coinseller dilemma. Obviously, EA are losing money when people buy coins rather than FIFA points. However, I think i've found a solution. EA should give fifa points more value. Currently, if you spend $20 you'll get 2200 fifa points which translates to roughly 14 premium gold packs.

However, with those same $20 you're able to purchase about 200k coins (beginning of FUT prices). Obviously, people are going to purchase coins as they believe it is the better deal. Well, if EA lowers the price of the packs, let's say 100 fifa points for premium gold packs, then people will be more than likely open more packs.

However, here is the catch. EA should reward players who open packs with FIFA points. Let's say every pack opened with FIFA points has better odds of obtaining a IF or legend. Now here is the beautiful part! EA should give a free gift to players after they've opened a certain amount of pack with Fifa points. Let's say after very 15 packs opened they get either: a free Jumbo Premium gold pack or some free Fifa coins( 1,000-10,000).

They should make it somewhat like a loyalty system where those who open packs with Fifa points get rewarded. Also, tournament/seasons rewards should be greater as to where people will actually play games in order to get coins rather than just purchasing them from a scam of a website.

*Note: Since there will be a greater influx of coins in the game then the price of packs should increase if you're purchasing them with coins.

Not at all. If you read carefully, I also proposed that coin rewards (seasons, tournaments) should increase. However, the increase should be proportional to the increase in the price of opening packs with coins. If they do it correctly, you will not notice the difference.

That's the whole point of this idea! To force coinsellers to lower their prices to the point where their profit margin will be considerably lower. At some point, the cost of running their operation will be much higher than their profit. Basic economics.

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