"The Championship is tough," said his U-20 coach Tab Ramos, one of the best players in American history. "He's not very big and he's very talented, so he gets kicked a lot. It's one of the toughest leagues, physically, in the world. fifa 15 account He's been put through the ringer."

While Ramos has been reluctant to heap public praise on players in the past, he's effusive about his current captain's abilities. "He's the total package," said Ramos who sees in Hyndman a ten-year career in the full national team.

It's a prophecy that's already coming true. Hyndman already has a senior cap. When his phone rang in September 2014, he didn't recognise the number. The voice of the other end said: "This is Jurgen," Hyndman responded: "I don't know any Jurgens."

It was Jurgen Klinsmann, coach of the USA senior team inviting Hyndman to camp for a friendly with the Czech Republic. "I got a call and three days later I'm playing with guys I'd just been watching on TV in the World Cup."

The US U-20s are in camp in Auckland preparing for a tricky opener against Asian newcomers Myanmar. Ramos' team is a collection of players from eight leagues around the world. The coach is eager to play an expansive brand of football that will put Hyndman in the thick of things as midfield metronome.


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