FFXIV’s 4.56 patch extends three key questlines later this month

The main questline of A Requiem for Heroes is placed to receive its second part, using the player’s Warrior of Light rushing to joining the fray. A mysterious voice is considered to beckon the gamer toward their ultimate doom. It will then be their job to Buy FFXIV Gil make certain they are not left since the final victim towards the requiem’s otherworldly pull since they fight for that future of Eorzea.

There tend to be more updates for some other quest lines too, like the Even Further Hildibrand Adventures that had been introduced in Stormblood. Players could possibly get to help the suave detective within his investigation of Master Akebono, inside a foreboding plot that’s set to become as intriguing, notable and absurd as each of the Hildibrand quests before it.

Nothing else has yet been announced regarding additional in-game items or tweaks, though if previous patches are everything to go by, there’ll be lots of new things to help keep players busy for the while.


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