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Exceed Planes - Obtain Your Helicopter Permit

The Alan Mann Helicopters Flying Training Company (AMH FTO), located at Fairoaks Flight terminal is a signed up CAA/JAA training center offering a variety of flying instruction on single and also twin engine helicopters. Standard PPL instruction with minimal price and risk-free handling is undertaken on Bell 47 (Piston engine helicopter) and also Bell 206 Jetranger. Bell 407 or AS350 Squirrel is used for wind turbine engine experience. This is the ideal place to learn to fly helicopters which are the best airborne lorries for urban settings and tourism.

The Logistics Of Understanding To Fly A Helicopter

· General Info. Training as well as evaluations for kind conversions, evening credentials and instrument ratings are carried out on the Bell206, Bell 407, AS355 as well as A109 collection helicopters. A team of skilled, full time performs it, employed instructors who guarantee an extensive, insightful as well as pleasurable training program.

· Settlement. They accept Amex, Visa and also MasterCard. Alternative of SLM Corp for educational financial help with adaptable settlement terms is offered; Pilot Finance, Inc supplies trip training loans QualityFly to educate experts.

· Facilities. A 20,000 sq ft garage facility provides for numerous 'pre' as well as 'blog post' trip instructions and various other audio-visual classroom training aids.

· Airplane. Basic training is done in latest, light, piston engine Robinson R22 Beta II Series Helicopter. These are very trusted, thoroughly utilized in UNITED STATES and globally by civilian commercial, regional and also federal government firms.

The R44 Raven steady, cost-effective wind turbine airplane is utilized for commercial operation training. The Bell 206 III progressed helicopter is used for transportation pilot training, instrument programs and generator transitions. Any other details helicopter training can be arranged for if you hire advance.

Different Training Courses You Could Be Curious about

1. Exclusive Pilot Certificate course. This training course will give business rotocraft certification. Age 17 years +, must be able to read, talk and also under stand English. FAA approved medical examiner's third class clinical certificate is a must. FAA calls for 40 hours of trip time for passing.

2. Commercial Pilot Permit. This can be obtained if age is 18 years +, able to speak, review and also understand English. FAA authorized air travel medical inspector's course 2 medical certificates are important. FAA minimum: 150 hrs of flying time (100 hours in powered aircraft and 50 hrs in helicopter). 35 hours of added flying time in PIC helicopter will add-on to the course.

3. Airline Company Transport Pilot. This course utilizes IFR outfitted Bell 206 LIII Long ranger.

4. Tool Training. Specialist pilots should have tool ratings. This training is performed on Robinson R22BII, R44 Raven as well as Bell Long Ranger. Exclusive helicopter certificate, 50 hrs of cross-country flight time as pilot in command and also 40 hrs real or substitute crucial training (15 Hours must in helicopter) is a requirements for the certificate.

5. Wind turbine shift. Certificate provided in 15 flying hours (Twin 5 hours plus class 10 hrs) on Bell 206 L-III training. Package rate is 5100 EUR.

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