Exploring Nepal is Awaiting for USA Holiday Fans

Nepal is the best example of natural beauty in the world. It is fully packed with natural attractions, so it is called natural paradise. Nepal is not only a beautiful tourist destination, but also it is very popular holiday destination. If you are from USA and want to visit Nepal for spending holidays, summer season is the best time for you. Why you must travel Nepal for spending holidays? Well, Nepal is really a wonderful tourist place in the world. It is not only attracting tourists from Asia, but also it is alluring tourists from USA. Nepal has a big network of connecting and accessing travelers from anywhere. If you are from USA and want to explore Nepal tourism, you can reach here comfortably. Really, Your Nepal Tour Package from USA may be an exciting experience for you.

Nepal, A Holiday Paradise-

Nepal is considered as the best holiday paradise with a lot of holiday opportunities for holiday seekers and adventure lovers. This charming country is really a great place for those people, who want to spend holidays. It is called a holiday paradise.

A View of Cultural and traditional mix

Nepal has varied natural beauties, topographical and cultural mix.  This small country provides the best opportunities to get viewpoint into their culture & tradition, history, and lifestyle, which could be new learning experience.

Plenty of Rich Wildlife and Bird Watching Spot

USA tourists can visit Chitwan National Park,and Bardia National Park to view rare wildlife species such as One horned rhino, musk deer, Royal Bengal Tiger and crocodiles. You can also see various types of birds amazingly.

Enjoy Thrilling Adventurous Activities:-

You can perform paragliding, white water rafting, zip-flying, bungee jumping, ultra light flight and other adventurous activities bravely. So, you can learn the meaning of adventure trip.

Map Out the birth place of Lord Buddha at Lumbini

Lumbini is one of the most popular holy places in the country. It is called the birthplace of Lord Buddha, which signifies the appearance of Buddhism. By visiting popular temples, palaces, and monasteries, you can feel peace and calmness.

Architectural art works & handicrafts works for souvenir-

Architectural handicrafts and art works are the most famous souvenir for travelers. Pottery works, mandala painting, and artmanship and excellent architectural brilliance are the best things that have made it very popular holiday spot.

Delicious variety of cuisines

Dal Bhat is very popular meal for Nepalese. Momo is another tasty cuisine that brings out saliva in the tourist’s mouth. You should enjoy delicious food while traveling the country.

Safest Holiday spot with friendly people-

Nepal is really the safest place in South-East Asia. Nepalese people are known for their friendly nature, caring, and supportive nature, so it is the great place of great people. With greetings and smile on their face, Nepali people are always ready to welcome you. Travels2nepal is the best traveling company, which can provide you lucky chances to book Nepal Holiday Packages from USA comfortably through online mode.

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