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Scraper Thin Film Evaporators is a new high-efficiency evaporator, falling film evaporator under vacuum. It can be widely applied in chemical, petrochemical, light industry, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, food, and environmental protection.


This device is the newest evaporator to form a thin film in the small flow tube evaporator section of the inner wall surface attached to the sludge in the treatment solution can be quickly removed by the scraper; it has the following performance and characteristics:


  • The heat transfer coefficient, the evaporation capacity, evaporation intensity 200 kg / m2 • hour, high thermal efficiency.


  • Material heating time is short, and in vacuum conditions more favorable for heat-sensitive materials, maintaining a variety of ingredients does not produce any degradation to retain the quality of the product.


  • To adapt to a wide range of changes in viscosity and low viscosity materials, material viscosity up to 100,000 centipoises (CP) can be addressed.


  • The wall of the evaporator cylinder through the precision drilling and surface polishing difficult to produce coke and flakes.


  • Easy to operate, the product index can be easily adjusted in limited circumstances and can be arranged for continuous production.


  • The footprint of the equipment is small, simple structure, easy maintenance, easy to clean.




  1. We can produce all kinds of chemical equipment according to your needs. Before you give us the contract and confidentiality agreement with you. Or we can make a design for you based on your requirements. What we deliver is not only the product, but also the solution and the design.


  1. This Submerged combustion evaporators is guaranteed for up to one year after purchase unless caused by man-made damage. If there is something wrong with the quality problem of the product itself, we will change or repair it at our expense. If this is not the case, we offer customer service at your expense.
  2. We will provide a video and document for installation. If you still have problems, we will send our engineer oversea for installation instructions. Even that if you encounter some problems .

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