Artificial Intelligence’s influence is growing daily across different sectors. But, it is really mind-boggling to understand how artificial intelligence works and how it turns out to be so impactful.

The following article includes four AI tools that you can use on your browser to experience a first-hand experience of how it functions.

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Google has made this web browser extension which recognizes words from your definitions. Google has fed Semantris over a billion definitions from which it helps you pick the particular word associated with your definition. Semantris incorporates machine learning algorithms which helps it to pick the most appropriate one-word for your long definitions. Google recommends using variety of daily language terms and slangs and other phrases to help Semantris understand you better.


Google and a talented team of artists have created this application which converts your amateur scribbles into fine drawings.

Its AI recognizes the pattern of what you are trying to carve from your rough scribbling and then replaces it with something better in appeal. It enables the users to compare their drawings to a number of other professionally carved images and then choose the best fit. The more artistic and realistic your scribbling get, the better combination of suggestions would be displayed to you at the top.

Cyborg Writer

If you want to create a research paper on Shakespeare’s writing style or want to furnish a legal statement to the likings of the US Supreme court, then Cyborg Writer provides you with the best machine learning interface to complete your work with the best assistance. Cyborg Writer uses a network of artificial neural network to mould your sentences into custom styles like Wikipedia, David Foster Wallace and many others.

A particular writing style can be picked from the drop-down menu, and further to this users can increase or decrease the extent of their linguistics with the ‘Weirdness’ slider.

Talk to Books

Google’s Talk to Books gives you natural language response for general questions as in a casual conversation. To be able to respond to the most bizarre yet pragmatic questions, it has been trained on the contents of over 100,000 books. You can ask about the great expectations in the book ‘Great Expectations’ or just talk about the geography of mars.

This Person Does Not Exist

Uber and Nvidia’s AI team has developed this AI program which is able to create artificial faces of people who don’t actually exist. That also brings a lot of impersonation fears, and needs to tackled appropriately.

Nvidia’s generative adversarial network (GAN) helps in creating a realistic face by pitting two neural networks against each other. The first to generate a dummy face, and the other to judge if the face appears to be realistic.

The feedback loop keeps on repeating itself until an actual non-extant face is created. Nvidia uses similar AI engines to creative immersive graphics for games, like- beaches, animals, furniture, etc.

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