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Are you going to study overseas and need to study for the IELTS exam?  The IELTS exam is by many considered to be the hardest English skill exam. I don't think it's necessarily true; as its purpose is as any other language skill test only designed to test your English knowledge. To be sure you are able to successfully complete your courses at universities.

Of course there are some preparations that need to be done. You have to refresh your grammar skills. And you have to refresh you vocabulary. But you don't have to memorize several hundred of pages as you would for a normal examination. You only have to prove your abilities to speak, write, listen and read English. There is really nothing more to it. But; you also have to overcome one obstacle that might ruin your IELTS exam. You have to conquer time, as time is your only enemy during this exam. OET Exam Preparation Course

You might also have to overcome your fear of speaking; yes, I know many are worried about this. Speaking is really easy to do with friends, with family, and even common discussions with your professor or employer; but somehow everything feels so much more difficult when you have to attend interviews, or you have to present a presentation on examinations on English. But the reality is that the spoken part of this exam is just as speaking with a friend; you will only tell some basic background information about yourself. Have a small discussion, and finally a small role play pretending to be someone else. But it's not difficult if you already know how to speak English. Keep in mind they are only testing your English skills, they are not interviewing you on a really important position in a company. The IELTS exam is nothing but a small test in your abilities to understand and use English. Just be yourself. A final advice on speaking is neither to use to simple English; nor to complex English. It doesn't look good if you don't know how to make use of complex words, and it doesn't look good if you stop hesitating and analyzing words to use. You just have to find a balance.

The IELTS Speaking task is one many candidates dread the most. Like the IELTS Writing task, it involves self-expression in English. Moreover, it is the only one of the tasks that takes place face-to-face with an examiner. Understandably, that makes many candidates nervous, which can detract from the sense of self-confidence in speaking that is one of the specific skills tested. PTE Test Preparation Dubai

To pass IELTS higher, it is essential that you underpin your classroom learning with some revision and preparation. Preparation tests will build on the work you have already done and increase your efficiency in analyzing the reading texts, so that you can scan for content which will either enable you to insert the subheadings for each paragraph in the text with accuracy and speed or find authors of opinions easily, that you then link to questions about these opinions. Or you can read for specific information rapidly to answer either the comprehension questions or the True, False and Not Given questions more easily.

If you finish early, you can always go back and work on questions from earlier readings about which you are unsure. In contrast to our recommendation for the IELTS Listening test, we suggest that you write your answers on the answer sheet as you go along.

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