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The Medjool, even though it’s nicknamed “king of dates,” continues to be the least costly out of the 2 varieties. In fact, the dates we promote in our on-line shop costs $0.47 per ounce whereas the Ajwa sells for $2.31.


It is a widely used therapy possibility for the treatment of hypertension since ancient occasions. Because it helps keep pores and skin wholesome, it reduces the chance of pellagra, which is pores and skin type ailment, generally known as dermatitis. The Ajwa dates have also been proven to be excellent for the guts and the final circulation. http://www.bbc.co.uk/search?q=Dates The presence of magnesium in Ajwa dates performs Iranian Dates an essential function within the regular functioning of the nervous system and in energy manufacturing. It is for this reason that regular consumption of Ajwa dates never leaves you drained as a result of the magnesium present within the fruit serves as a power home of energy production and permits you to keep energetic and healthy for a longer length of your life.

Cytostatic and Anti-tumor Potential of Ajwa Date Pulp in opposition to Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma HepG2 Cells

Therefore, they are the right snack for an immediate burst of power. However, the sugars present in Ajwa dates are much more useful, particularly for those with sort 2 diabetes.

Benefits of Ajwa dates seed powder

Likewise, a examine has examined the anticancer exercise of the low molecular weight β-glucan from oats against pores and skin melanoma cell line Me45 and skin epidermoid carcinoma cell line A431, which considerably decreased cancer cell viability in a time- and dose-dependent manner, whereas for the normal keratinocyte cell line HaCaT, it was reported to be non-poisonous 25 . Interestingly, the present study also demonstrated that ADP extract mediated both dose- and time-dependent anti-proliferative results in opposition to HCC cells, whereas having no toxicity towards the normal Vero cell line. A previous study has reported that the date pulp also incorporates phenolics like quercetin and kaempferol 15 , which possess anticancer exercise in opposition to HCC cells 26,27 . Thus, it may be postulated that the anticancer effect of ADP extract against HCC cells could be because of the synergistic or Iran Dates Exporter combined effect of the potential bioactive components of Ajwa dates.

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It is believed that Ajwa dates have a variety of protecting results. For this purpose, this work aimed to analyze the ameliorative effect of Ajwa dates aqueous extract against ochratoxin A (OTA)-induced testicular lesions in rats. Rats were divided into 4 groups and treated for 28 days. Group I served as normal control, group II (OTA exposed) handled orally with 289 μg/kg/day. Group III (Ajwa dates aqueous extract) handled orally with 1 g/kg/day.

Antioxidant enzymes

chromatin condensation, fragmented nuclei and intensive cytoplasmic vacuolization as in comparison with untreated cells (Fig. three). The AO/EtBr double stain data depicted early and late apoptosis in ADP treated cells. The early apoptotic cells had been detected through the binding of AO within the fragmented DNA displaying a brilliant green fluorescence at a low dose of ADP extract. However, greater dose of ADP extract led to the late stages of apoptosis as indicated by the presence of a reddish-orange colour because of the binding of PI to denatured DNA.

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The present histopathological analysis showed that liver and kidneys have been the principal goal organs for lead toxicity then cardiac muscle tissue and lungs. These findings agreed with these reported by many investigators [21-25].

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