Everything you need to know about the laser engraving technique

Engravings, cuts and figures, currently, diversity prevail and are something that is evident in the accessories that are used on a daily basis: from simple details in the jewelry to original cuts in purses or name plate engraving, or home decorations with a personalized meaning.

The technique of laser engraving:

One of the most popular techniques is laser engraving. It can be used on a wide variety of material, with different motifs, and it is a method that is cheaper than other types of engravings.

There are specialized companies that are dedicated to customizing products with this technique.

What materials can be laser engraved?

You can record on various types such as Plastic engraving, including vinyl. Metal engravings are also made, one of the most popular options. Companies seek to make engravings on metals in series because it is one of the most economical and efficient proposals in the market. This includes engravings on steel, aluminum, copper, gold and many other types of metals.

On what materials can be laser engraved?

For accessories, however, the design of laser markings on organic parts is more attractive. This includes wood, leather, glass, and other types of fabrics. It can be used as all types of Engraving services.

Therefore, it is ideal for those who seek to make an unrepeatable gift that stands out for its originality. In fact, one of the most popular emerging trends in the laser marking industry in 2017 was its use to customize and add pattern details to leather bags and purses.
This trend was also expanding to another type of accessories closely linked with fashion. Like watches and necklaces. Its use is also very present in the design of stationary objects, such as diaries and magazines.

There are even companies that offer products in wood that have details made through this technology, from traditional cup holders to alternative mobile protectors.

If you want to have a unique and personal design, you can consult with a company specializing in laser engraving, which has the appropriate machinery. In this way, the requests are made according to what the client has in mind.

Clean cutting edges and precise details with laser engraving:

Using Stencils for lettering & designs, it offers very clean edges can be generated in any piece and complex details. In addition, all the machines are respectful with the environment and include an aspiration system.

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