A cable tester is one of the devices that are mainly used to test the strength as well as the connectivity of a particular type of cable or other wired assemblies. There are number of cable testers present in the market, each one of them is capable of testing a specific type of cable or wire. Through this kind of cable tester, one can check whether a cable or wire is set properly, connected right as well as the communication strength between the both source as well as the destination. 


There are many companies present in the market that provide components for IDEAL Network cable tester but Bentec Components and trading pvt.ltd, is one of the best companies that manufacture tester using quality assured components that are sourced from reliable manufacturers across the world. Through Harting Distributor Singapore one can easily avail electrical connectors anytime and anywhere in Singapore.


An IDEAL Network cable tester can help you to test various factors as well as verify the network cable connections are correct. The cable tester which is advanced helps to measure the signal transmission properties of the cable like signal attenuation, noise and interference as well as resistance. Therefore, you can avail different required for connectivity and network solutions from Harting Distributor Singapore at a very reasonable price.


Different types of tester  

There are mainly three types of tester available in the market. 


  • Basic testers
  • Signal testers
  • Optical cable testers


Basic testers

These kinds of testers are generally battery operated and portable in nature. These are the instruments that come with a source of electric current, one or more voltage indicators as well as switching or scanning arrangement which help to check each of several conductors consecutively. Therefore, these testers help to verify that all the intended connections exist and there are no unintended connections present in the cable being tested. 


Signal testers

When it comes to more powerful cable testers then it means that they can measure properties of cable which is relevant to signal transmission. These include loss of attenuation of a signal at one or more frequencies DC resistance of cable as well as a measure of isolation between multiple pairs of crosstalk. Thus, these testers are required to certify that a cable installation meets the technical standards that are required for its use.  


Optical cable testers

These optical cable testers come with a visible light source as well as a connector that is compatible with optical cable installation. A light visible source is used in order to ensure that detection can be done by eye. Therefore, the more advanced optical cable testers assist to verify signal loss properties of an optical cable & connectors. 


Thus, smaller and cheaper cable tester contains wire mapping which is utilized for ensuring that the pairs of cables are securely connected or not for the pinout system in use. This tester is very cheap and also save your time. It can also be used for checking open pairs, shorts as well as swaps.  

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