3D Touch is one of the essential features that is extensively used on Apple devices. It is very often termed as Haptic Touch and Force Touch for iPhone XR and Apple Watch respectively. Some users might be aware of it, but not many users know what it actually is or what application does it support. So, in this article, we have discussed in brief about the 3D Touch, the products which offer it, and the applications that support this facility. You may refer to the below-mentioned details to get a complete overview of 3D Touch and other information related to it.


3D Touch: An Introduction

3D Touch is a feature that decides the behavior of the application when pressure is placed by touching on the screen of any of the Apple devices. You may see a slight variation in the 3D, Haptic, and Face Touch features.

3D touch can be activated with a long press, a firm press, or with just a tap. Only a specific list of the application supports 3D Touch. For example, any drawing application where let’s say you are drawing a line, and if in between you long press on the screen, it will start drawing a thick line. You can see the 3D touch feature on iPhones ranging from 6S to XS Max

Haptic Touch, on the other hand, is similar to the right-click feature of any of the PC’s mouse. Whenever you long press and hold the app, Haptic Touch will make a click sound. Currently, Haptic Touch can only be experienced on the iPhone XS; however, there are chances that you may see it in the upcoming Apple devices too.

Force Touch is a bit different from the 3D Touch as it has only two modes, that get activated with a firm press or just a tap. Force Touch can be seen in MacBook Pro models that were manufactured after 2015, the MacBook Retina, in all the models of the Apple Watch, and also in the MacBook Air model of 2018.

Activities of the Apps Using the 3D Touch

Almost every standard application of the Apple devices come with a 3D Touch support; however, Apple never discloses that but you can still check what behavior an application shows when you use a 3D Touch on it. Below we have mentioned the activities that the apps will show when 3D Touch will be used on them.

  1. If you use the 3D Touch on the messages, it will show you the list of the people whom you have recently texted. It will also allow you to create a new message for them as well.
  2. If you use 3D Touch on the Safari browser, it will open a new tab for you to search for any content. It might also open the bookmarks for you.
  3. If you use 3D Touch on the App Store, it will let you look at the list of applications you have purchased and will also allow you to redeem your gift cards.
  4. If you use 3D Touch on the Photos, it will let you access your most recently viewed photos, your favorite images as well as your widgets.
  5. If you use 3D Touch on the Reminders, it will let you add a new reminder, which will get added without even opening the reminder application, and it will also show you the next reminder which you might have set.
  6. If you use 3D Touch on the Settings, it will open the most recently used setting by you.

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