Evaporators low temperature - An energy saving instrument known for recovery of numerous elements

Mechanical equipments are the ultimate resource of product creation across the globe. With the lesser dimension, low energy input and higher efficiency evaporators low temperature is the perfect choice for vaporizing water at low temperature. Vacuum factor brings the temperature difference of 60 degrees between the applied and normal process ( 100 degree C ). Alaquainc manufactures best in its segment Evaporators low temperature that are supplied in various industries including pharmaceutical and fine chemicals. Our business clients makes the utilisation of the machinery most of the hours in a day without any interruption and increases the amount of bring back of substances. They deliver us satisfied attitude due to the convenience and quality of service  they receive from our end.

Parts of Evaporators low temperature:

  • Evaporator heat exchanger.
  • Evaporator tank.
  • Process water circulation pump.
  • Condenser heat exchanger.
  • Refrigerant compressor.
  • Distillation tank.
  • Vacuum producing unit.
  • Distillate circulating pump.

How evaporators low temperature works inside the structure?

Feed water enters inside the evaporator tank and circulated with the help of a pump to an evaporator heat exchanger. At this place, high pressure refrigerant makes the water hot which was directly supplied from the refrigerant compressor. After this step, hot water converts into water vapor at the top of the evaporation tank. Next to this, water vapor is passed through mist eliminator and the condenser heat exchanger in continuous flow. Then, the refrigerant from the evaporator heat exchanger flows via a device labeled as air cooler. Hence, the refrigerant lowers down the temperature of the heated water vapor in order to distillate and the same is stored in the distillate tank of the evaporator. Onwards, the distillate is revolved around by the distillate pump, producing vacuum in the evaporator tank. This vacuum production in the evaporator tank causes the process water during the whole operation to boil between the range of 40 to 50 degree C. Lastly, the process water and distillate are automatically moved out with the help of electrical controls.

What are the advantages of operating evaporators low temperature of Alaquainc.com?

  • Minimal air pollution
  • Suitable for heat sensitive materials
  • Non-formation of scales
  • No compulsion of solution heating condition
  • Energy saving as least required in process execution

In what applications you can deploy Evaporators low temperature?

  • Recovery of copper, nickel and chrome from the rinse baths can be performed with this apparatus in surface treatment and electro-plating industry.
  • While recovering lubricants, glycols and heat treatment salts in the factory of mechanical, die-casting and heat-treatment.
  • In PCB and microelectronics enterprise, copper is regained and concentration of etching acid solution and wastewaters is occurred.
  • During conducting few tasks named as surface treatment, painting, degreasing, pickling, cooling fluids and so on in the department of auto components.
  • Evaporators low temperature is also invoked in the revival of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum from process waste waters.
  • Biodiesel plants also take in use Evaporators low temperature system for solvent retrieval from process liquor.
  • Even heat sensitive active agents and solvents are also rediscovered in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies.
  • For extracting bio active substances and essential oils in herbal and medicinal agency.
  • Evaporators low temperature device recovers 95% water for reuse in the power generation organization.

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