Epic Takes Another Cheater to Court for Publicizing Battle Royale V-Bucks Exploit

It appears that Epic will keep making types of those who would cheat in  Fortnite Items . A new suit has become filed against a person named Yash Gosai from Auckland, New Zealand. The filing shows that Gosai found an exploit within the Battle Royale portion on the game that allowed players to get the game's premium currency, V-Bucks, without having to pay for them. He then broadcast a "how-to" video on YouTube which has since been removed.

According to Epic, "Defendant's videos demonstrating the exploit infringe Epic's copyrights in Fortnite by copying, reproducing, preparing derivative works from, as well as displaying Fortnite publicly without Epic's permission."

V-Bucks are premium currency that happen to be purchased in bundles starting at $10 in the in-game shop. They are then traded for skins as well as other cosmetic items.

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