Epic Introduces #FortniteBlockbuster Contest

The Buy Fortnite Items site is updated having a new contest, now aimed at budding filmmakers. Using #FortntieBlockbuster, the contest asks fans to "write and direct the greatest Season 4 superhero flick". Players are tasked with with all the Fortnite replay system "along with a little in-game movie set magic to produce a blockbuster hit highlighting the heroes of Season 4 and adventures".

The contest has already been underway with submissions being accepted through July 11th. Movies should feature personal gameplay, be 1-5 minutes long and use "royalty free audio". The title includes the #FortniteBlockbuster hashtag and also be uploaded to YouTube.

The grand prize winner could have a chance to be featured in-game "on the Risky Reels screen" for everyone to discover. In addition, the chosen video will likely see a "poster for ones film within the Fortnite world". All winners is going to take home some V-Bucks for your effort.  Come to MMOAH to get Fortnite Items at: https://www.mmoah.com/

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