Enterprise Training and #Cannabis Compliance Specials for #Dispensaries from Adherence Compliance
Cannabis Compliance Specials


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Standard Operating Procedure Service

For a limited time, Adherence Compliance will be offering our industry-leading Standard Operating Procedures for only $950, or 75% off. Dispensary/StoreCultivation CenterManufacturer and Distributor SOPs are customized by state, designed to pass regulatory inspections and support required cannabis staff training.  


Our service offers:

  1. Standard Operating Procedure by License Type by State
  2. One-hour Review & Staff Training Course
Get rid of recurring monthly payments with a low, one-time payment! Don't trust your business to a non-compliantonline SOP. Take control of your success with Adherence Compliance SOPs today. to get started. Only $950.
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Cannabis Executive Education Program - NEW
Discover the advantages of an online Cannabis Executive Education Program built from operations data, best practices and years of regulatory expertise.


Leverage the same cannabis training programs that States, Counties and Cities use. Obtain your CCME or Certificate of Cannabis Management Excellence to expand your business management and leadership skills. Contact Adherence today for more information on this exciting, one-of-a-kind offering.

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Online Cannabis Regulatory Compliance Inspection

A new, virtual onsite service from Adherence that offers an online Cannabis Regulatory Compliance Inspection. With your iPad or iPhone, schedule an online Cannabis Compliance Review to start the process. On Day 1, start with an experienced auditor and a two-hour online review of regulatory compliance, inventory and other high-risk compliance areas. On Day 2, we review your Compliance Report Card, compliance score, industry best practices and suggested next steps. Click the calendar image below to get started today:

Virtual Onsite Inspections starting as low as $950 per license!

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Cannabis Compliance Podcast

We've released our video podcast, or educational infocast series, on multiple streaming services! Click below for your favorite channel, or click the image above to visit our YouTube Channel. Episode #4 is coming soon!

Episode 1:  Cannabis Inventory Management
Episode 2:  How to Start a Compliant Cannabis Business
Episode 3:  Cannabis Compliance Inspections
Episode 4:  Cannabis Training Programs

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Watch or listen to learn more about cannabis compliance and operations today! From the #1 provider of compliance solutions to the cannabis industry with more than 6 years of practical, hands-on cannabis regulatory expertise.

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United States Cannabis Market

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