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As a 21-year-old prospect, Brooks backed up Besler at the 2014 World Cup and famously came off the bench to score a late winner in the opening win over Ghana. Now 23, Brooks has surpassed his veteran mentor on the depth chart and justified the decision with fifa 17 coins a breakout tournament anchoring the back line.

"I've enjoyed that relationship this tournament, " Besler said. "He’s been one of our best players, so that's been fun to watch. Me on the sideline, I try to give him as much advice as possible. Sometimes it's easier for me to see things because when he's on the field he's focused on what he needs to do.

"For me, I can see everything else happening around fifa 17 xbox 360 coins. So there's times in training or maybe after the game where I can try to give him what I see, but for the most part I haven’t had to tell him much because he's been doing awesome. "

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