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All photo editing Software’s and apps designed by well-known Adobe Co. (Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.) are the industry standard for amateur and experienced photographers all around the world. But what about the most popular and best free Photoshop alternatives? What photo editing apps are perfect for editing on the road? Which program has a huge toolset, designed for creative and experienced shooters alike?

Read this article if you are looking for a good free alternative to Photoshop that will assist you in editing both portrait photos from the studio photoshoot and your everyday photos. These are top 20 cheap, free, and online photo editors like Photoshop that many beginning photographers and Instagram fans use today for enhancing their photos without paying $10 for the 1-month subscription. On the example of several raw portrait images you will see how these 20 free programs like Photoshop can edit your photos in several clicks. In this overview you will see what functions these apps have, how their interface looks like, the way you can do photo color correction, apply color effects, adjust white balance, do local adjustment with the help of layers, make light portrait editing, add text/frames/stickers/color effects, change the color of various things, create funny photo collages, make basic photo manipulations, etc. This post is the best way to compare all 20 Photoshop alternatives and decide which software/app/image editor is better for your image editing workflow. You will believe that today you don't need Photoshop to edit pictures like a pro.

If you are going to edit or manipulate a picture for the first time in your life, in all likelihood you've considered using Photoshop software to do so. It was designed about thirty years ago and is still very demanded. Having read this article, you will find out whether any free alternative to Photoshop from this list can topple Adobe from its throne or does Apple have a Photoshop equivalent? Each of these free photo editing softwares like Photoshop offers their own unique image editing functionality, and some may be better suited than others when it comes to following your specific purposes and requirements to photo standards. ​ Should you download and use an open sourced photo editor or it will lead too numerous lags? What softwares let you work with layers and which ones let you make deep color correction? Find all answers to these questions in this article.

In brief, you will find out why you should download Gimp open source photo editing app for portrait editing, why RawTherapee is the best choice for free photo color grading, why Darktable’s plugins are so popular among Instagram bloggers or why you should install PhotoScape is you deal with many RAW files. Read this article to find a good Photoshop replacement for specific photo editing tasks as batch editing, enhancing photos with brushes, adding creative frames, removing skin defects realistically, and even designing photo invitations and logos. Try one of these best alternatives to Photoshop and stay satisfied with results for free.

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