Ecological wood ceiling advantages

1, comfortable, natural: a timber innate natural affinity for the appearance and texture of wood.buying wpc decking board

2, rich colors, shapes freely: products rich colors, can march straight, block, line, surface of any shape, fully meet the designer endless imagination and inspiration play. Ecological wood color: Asian grapefruit, Thai pomelo, Golden Tan, red sandalwood, silver walnut, black walnut, walnut, dark mahogany, light mahogany, cedar (milky), Cherry (Pink).tongue and groove plastic wall panels

3, versatile: It can be widely used in all kinds of garden use, leisure and entertainment, commercial exhibition space and upscale Jascha indoor and outdoor walls, the top surface shape and the ground floor.

4, anti-UV, anti-aging: excellent anti-aging, anti-UV (UV), strong anti-pollution performance. Color fastness meet national standards, can be assured for indoor decoration, and eliminating the need for post-maintenance costs.

5, easy to clean, anti-insect: Insects can effectively eliminate harassment, clean easy care.

6, insulation, insulation, fire-retardant: ecological wood with wood as thermal conductivity is very small, far less than the aluminum and plastic, summer can heat in winter can be warm, with a good energy saving effect of the low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation properties, retardant B1 level can reach the national standard level.

7, long life: the product life of up to 15 years.

8, moisture, corrosion, deformation: ecological wood with ordinary wood products, fabricated metal products and more water and moisture. It can be used directly 70 degrees Celsius above zero - minus Celsius dry, wet environment, adverse weather conditions of 20 degrees, and will not deform, crack, warp, mildew, corrosion.light wood deck

9, environmental health: pollution-free. The product does not contain benzene, formaldehyde content of less than top European environmental standards EO level standards. It is a revolutionary energy saving decorative products. Ecological wood is recycled wood, which greatly improve the comprehensive utilization of wood can be recycled and recycling.

10, easy installation, comprehensive and low cost: ecological wood nails, planing, sawing, installation fast and efficient, no painting and no smell, installed for immediate use, time-saving save time.

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