How do you protect yourself from buyers who claim not to have gotten your item? It can ruin your feedback rating if you're not proactive, and you may lose the money since you'll have to issue a refund too. Read on for a few suggestions.A few years back, I would simply stick stamps on my packages and drop them in the mailbox. That's no longer an option, for two reasons: First of all, postal regulations no longer allow packages with stamps to be dropped into a mailbox. The second reason is that I've become wary to send things out without having proof that I sent it, and a way to track what happened to it.These days, eBay requires delivery confirmation, and for good reason. It also makes available a label printing system, so you can conveniently print them from your computer.Why going to the post office is betterFor some reason, I never really used them, and now I've discovered a reason why I should not feel like I missed out: sometimes the post office won't scan those labels, which means I have no proof of shipping.As a result, unethical buyers can claim that they never received the item. So what can you do?As it turns out, when you take the item to your post office, you will have proof of shipping at least. When you fill in your little green piece of paper, it will be scanned, and you have proof that you shipped the item.But is delivery confirmation enough?I learned the hard way that it's a good idea to get insurance if the item is expensive enough to leave me with a loss if it doesn't get where it's going. So if it costs more than $40 or $50, I usually pay for insurance.Yes, it's out of my own pocket, and no, I have yet to receive a payout since none of my insured items has ever gotten lost, but it gives me peace of mind.It's like the umbrella principle -- if you bring an umbrella, chances are it won't rain. If you don't, rain tends to be much more likely. Or so it seems. Insurance works according to the same principle. You always hope that you won't actually need it, and most people are happy if they never do.When to get insuranceSo consider getting insurance if the item costs more than you would prefer to lose. While smaller items can get lost too, the post office is pretty good about delivering things. This means that they get lost so rarely that you can pay out of the odd lost item with your savings from not buying insurance.For more information please visit - Call at 844-727-2355.
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